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Jessica M.

One of our many success stories within the Work Readiness Program is Jessica who very recently completed the Mailroom Program. Jessica independently arranged an interview for a mail room position at United Staffing Solutions. Jessica found the position on her own by calling the company directly and was immediately offered an interview.  Jessica is incredibly excited for her interview and attends our Job Club so she can learn how to best update her resume and practice her interview skills.  A notable story for Jessica also includes her internship interview at NBC, where she prepared a list of questions to ask her interviewer with regards to the position she was applying for. Her interviewer told CGS staff that they had never had a candidate prepare and present so well; they were incredibly impressed with her eagerness and professionalism. Following her internship at NBC, Jessica received a strong reference verifying that she was an exceptional intern and noting that they would consider her for future hire if and when positions become available.

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CGS News

CGS Launches GoFundMe Page

by Admin on 19/06/2015

This year we are looking to raise $2,500 to provide interview attire and transportation for our students. $5.50 can send one student to an interview and $50 or more can fund one interview appropraite outfit. read more…

CGS is now offering a new Work Readiness Program geared to Youth Employment Services

by Admin on 08/05/2015

We are proud to announce our new and improved Work Readiness program. CGS now offers a program geared to youth transitioning into the workforce. read more…

CGS was awarded a Balancing Incentive Grant and is now offering a new program entitled Enhanced Support Services

by Admin on 25/02/2015

We are proud to announce we are now accepting applicants for our new program... Enhanced Supported Services! read more…

CGS is Seeking New Internship & Employment Sites

by Admin on 24/02/2015

CGS is continually seeking to partner with the community to help create mutually beneficially relationships that assist our clients and support the business community. read more…

CGS is now offering Medicaid Services Coordination CORE TRAINING

by Admin on 24/02/2015

Core Training Now Being Offered read more…

Fall 2014 to Spring 2015 Graduation Schedule

by LLouis on 05/08/2014

Congratulations to our new graduates. read more…

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