Medicaid Service Coordination [MSC]
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Tissany M.

Tissany has been receiving Medicaid Service Coordination [MSC] services with CGS for the past 7 years. During this time, Tissany has made great strides. Tissany initially lived with her mother and siblings in Coney Island, Brooklyn. Tissany became a mother to her son at an early age and recently added a daughter to her family.  Approximately a year ago, Tissany moved out of her mother’s apartment to live on her own with her two children. Tissany was enrolled in CGS’ Supported Employment Program for several years.  Tissany had success with the program but eventually opted to independently do her own job search. Tissany made phone calls, went on interviews, and was diligent in her efforts. Tissany now has a part-time job working at a family day care center as a Teacher Assistant. Child care has always been a passion for Tissany.  Tissany has been working at this job site for approximately four months.  Tissany has put much hard work and dedication into enhancing her goals in life. Tissany continues to focus on moving forward and securing a full time job.  The CGS team takes great pride in having the opportunity to work with Tissany and assist her in accomplishing these key life goals.

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Adult Day Programs

Medicaid Service Coordination [MSC]

MSC is a Medicaid-funded service which provides assistance to individuals with intellectual or developmental disabilities to enable them to obtain services that will maximize their independence and participation in the life of the community. MSC encourages individual choice, and emphasize person-centered services and satisfaction. Through MSC individuals develop, implement and maintain their own customized care plan and attain a high quality of life.

When the individual decides to participate in the MSC program at CGS, a Service Coordinator of his or her choice will be assigned to work with him or her. The Service Coordinator has contact with the individual at least once a month. The Service Coordinator is required to visit the individual at home at least once a year and two more times throughout the year. These face-to-face visits allow the Service Coordinator and the participant to get to know each other better and to discuss their satisfaction with the services that he or she is receiving. MSC always places and keeps the client’s interests first and foremost.

Our MSC’s assist individuals and their families to access services to which they may be entitled. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Employment services  

  • Respite services

  • Clinical services

  • Transportation

  • Medical services

  • Residential placement

  • Vocational training  

  • HCBS Waiver services

A unique feature of the MSC program is the circle of support that each individual has. The importance of having the encouragement and backing of the friends, family members and mentors to whom one feels especially close cannot be overstated; it can make the critical difference between an individual’s succeeding in a program, or becoming discouraged and withdrawing. The MSC Individual is invited to choose his or her own circle of support; friends, a spouse, an adult child, parents, siblings, a member of the clergy, an especially revered teacher are all possible circle members. With the MSC Coordinator, they help the individual. Self-advocacy is definitely encouraged; individuals are given every opportunity to speak up for themselves and to be taken seriously. Within this person-centered framework, experienced staff members help MSC participants to gain confidence and develop sound judgment as they take the steps necessary to achieve their own valued outcomes.

To be eligible for Medicaid Service Coordination, an individual must have the following:

  • Medicaid
  • Meet the eligibility criteria of OPWDD; and
  • demonstrate a need for Medicaid Service Coordination

For more information, please call: 

Anice Cox, Director of MSC 646-214-1273; email: or Esther Piersaint Outreach Coordinator, 646-214-1315;

Contemporary Guidance Services, Inc.
52 Broadway 4th Floor, New York, NY 10004
t / 212.577.5512  f / 212.577.5517

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