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Adult Day Programs

Supported Employment: Intensive & Extended

Some individuals with the most significant disabilities have not been able to achieve competitive employment or have been only sporadically employed. They need multiple vocational rehabilitation services over an extended period of time. CGS’ Supported Employment Program [SEMP] provides ongoing supports to assist our men and women to work in a variety of integrated work settings.

This service combines active paid employment experience with intensive job coaching to enable the consumer to maintain part-time or full-time work.

  • During the Intensive Phase, the consumer’s Job Coach guides the new employee through the crucial days and weeks of a new job while guaranteeing to the employer that the assigned work will be completed.
  • Job Coaches are trained to work closely with both employers and employees to insure success and satisfaction in the workplace. Other support services may include assessment, counseling, case management, social/behavior training, skill instructions, job modification, advocacy, and individualized interventions.
  • CGS’ supported employment program has helped our clients to be successfully employed in a wide variety of fields. This includes but is not limited serving as retail associates, stock assistants, kitchen/utility workers, maintenance assistants, dining room attendants, messengers, laundry attendants, and food preparation workers.
  • Once a Supported Employment participant is stabilized in their job, CGS’ Job Coach will gradually “fade away” and decrease the amount of time spent with the consumer on the job.
  • The participant is then transitioned to the Extended Phase of the program. CGS’ Job Coach continue to provide stabilization support services as long as necessary.
  • Job development activities are based on a comprehensive, person-centered assessment of the individual's strengths, capabilities, needs, skills and experiences prior to initiating the job search.

For more information, please call: 

Rachel Wolff, Senior Director of Day & Employment Services, 646-214-1295; email:

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