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CGS Launches GoFundMe Page

This year we are looking to raise $2,500 to provide interview attire and transportation for
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CGS is now offering a new Work Readiness Program geared to Youth Employment Services

We are proud to announce our new and improved Work Readiness program. CGS now offers
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CGS was awarded a Balancing Incentive Grant and is now offering a new program entitled Enhanced Support Services

We are proud to announce we are now accepting applicants for our new program... Enhanced
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Career Training Center

Vocational Rehabilitation Services

Career Training Center

CGS operates an innovative vocational Business School for individuals with disabilities. Our school is registered and licensed by the New York State Education Department’s Bureau of Proprietary School Supervision (BPSS).

At CGS, our individuals learn cutting-edge skills and immediately put them into practice at their internships in New York City’s leading companies. All students must be referred by ACCES-VR, which sponsors their training.

Support services - such as personal and career counseling as well as intensive job preparation – are provided along with customized career training. As training advances, our Employment Specialists work closely with our students to help them find suitable employment.

CGS' Career Training Center includes:

From Enrollment to Employment:

  • Each student must meet the specific program’s entrance / admission requirements
  • The enrollee meets with a CGS School Agent to sign an Enrollment Agreement for the course as well as a Counseling Plan.
  • Each course has its own special rules and expectations. The student’s responsibilities are clearly outlined – every student knows exactly what he or she must do to meet the graduation requirements.
  • After the student has completed all course requirements, the graduate will be awarded a Certificate of Completion, or a diploma when applicable.
  • CGS' Employment Specialist assists our students to find competitive employment and provide ongoing support to enable the CGS graduate to retain their new job.

For more information simply contact CGS’ Career School Director, Angela Bruen, at 646-214-1305 or EMAIL: abruen@cgsnyc.org or Vocational Counselor, Danielle Su, at 646-214-1304 or EMAIL: dsu@cgsnyc.org.

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