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CGS Launches GoFundMe Page

This year we are looking to raise $2,500 to provide interview attire and transportation for
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CGS is now offering a new Work Readiness Program geared to Youth Employment Services

We are proud to announce our new and improved Work Readiness program. CGS now offers
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CGS was awarded a Balancing Incentive Grant and is now offering a new program entitled Enhanced Support Services

We are proud to announce we are now accepting applicants for our new program... Enhanced
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Direct Placement & Coaching Supports

Vocational Rehabilitation Services

Direct Placement & Coaching Supports

CGS offers Direct Placement Services to individuals referred by ACCES-VR who are ready for employment.

  • Direct Placement Services begin with an Intake Screening to determine if there will be a good match between the individual’s vocational goals and services options available at CGS. The intake screening identifies the individual’s vocational interests and strengths, the most effective job search approach and assesses whether or not the individual's job expectations are compatible with CGS service offerings.
  • After Intake, once mutual expectations are confirmed, Job Seeking and Job Development Services equip the individual to work with the CGS staff in all aspects of job development; this includes following up on job leads, making and keeping job interview appointments, and practicing job interviewing skills.
  • The Job Placement Outcome is achieved when the individual is placed in a competitive job that meets their vocational goals and is consistent with his or her IPE.
  • Job Retention Services enable the individual, his or her employer and CGS to work together to achieve the goal of stable, active employment. CGS provides ongoing support to the individual which is critical to ensure a successful transition to employment.

CGS can provide Coaching Supports for those individuals who are ready to work now, or who will be with short-term assistance and support - either on or off the job. Coaching Supports are employment-related services that are needed to support individuals as they adjust to their new jobs and/or strive to retain them.

Coaching Supports include:

  • Job orientation
  • Teaching specific work skills
  • Providing supervision at the worksite
  • Assisting the individual to integrate into the work environment
  • Assisting the individual to adjust to changes in the workplace

To contact CGS about Job Placement Services simply email Director of Vocational Services, Debbie Merav, at 646-214-1278 or EMAIL:dmerav01@cgsnyc.org.

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